Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy statement explains how HJ Square Real Estate gathers, uses, and disseminates your personal data both offline and online, including through the websites, mobile applications, and other services where it is mentioned or made available. The personal data that HJ Properties obtains from its contractors and staff is not covered by this privacy policy.

By using our website, app, or other service that links to this privacy statement, you certify that you've read, comprehended, and accepted its terms. HJ Square Real Estate is considered a controller for the purposes of the UAE's data protection regulations in relation to certain of the personal information stated in this privacy statement. This privacy statement does not establish any contractual responsibilities or rights.

The components below make up this privacy statement. While you ought to read the complete Privacy Policy,

  • 1. HJ gathers and uses personal data about you and from you. The data we gather is based on how you engage with us.
  • 2. We make use of personal data as outlined here. Personal information may be used by us for a variety of purposes, including marketing, fulfilling customer requests, delivering services, fulfilling legal requirements, maintaining internal operations and security, employing new employees, and as otherwise stated or authorized by law.
  • 3. We get personal data about you from a number of sources. These sources include getting data directly from both you and your device; getting it from our dealers and other channels; and integrating data from many sources.
  • 4. We divulge your personal data to third parties. To comply with the law, to safeguard ourselves, our customers, and many others, or even as part of a transaction, we may share personal data with parties like the HJ Real Estate team and our business units, and vendors who provide services to our business partners and marketing companies.
  • 5. You have options regarding our use of your personal information. Some of our uses of your personal information are voidable. This applies to certain of our digital tracking and marketing resources as well as our promotional emails.

Data Retention and Security:

Your provided information will be kept safe and secure and subject to release in pursuance of this Privacy Policy. Databases and information belonging to HJ are kept on safe servers protected by proper firewalls that are either owned by HJ or by other parties. Your user information must only be kept for as long as is required to fulfill the processing goals. HJ disclaims all liability for the transfer of information, including User Information, to the Platform due to the inherent risks associated with online transactions. You do so at your own risk if you send any user information via the internet. HJ disclaims all liability in the event that you or a third party misuses the platform's privacy preferences or security features.

While we will make every effort to protect User Data and any other information you submit, we make no representations, warranties, or other guarantees regarding the sufficiency, safety, reliability, or impenetrability of our security systems.

Updating and Having Access to Your Information
By logging into the platform utilizing your User Account, you can change, revise, modify, or otherwise update your details at any time. Subject to reasonable restrictions and applicable exemptions, you may ask that your user information be deleted, have its processing limited, or be transferred to you or another organization. We will answer your request as soon as possible, but no longer than a fortnight. If there are many or complicated requests, we may extend the deadline by three months. All of the data you've provided can be changed or deleted. HJ does, however, maintain the right to store any usage data as long as it complies with applicable laws.

If HJ determines that changing any information provided by a user is necessary to comply with applicable UAE laws, it may do so in its sole discretion.